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Ten Days, Ten Dates

This is something suggested to me a while ago, and I’ve been mulling over doing it. There have been short periods of time when it wouldn’t have been appropriate, but I figured it’s time to take advantage of the current single status and hit the dating scene purely in order to provide you all with blogging entertainment.

So to that end, between now and Christmas I am going to go on ten dates with randomly selected people. I want to do this without once going on a dating site (since we all know my few disastrous forays into that realm) and without knowing who I’m going to be meeting up with for maximum hilarity.

Here’s Where You Come In

The best way to get set up is by your friends, apparently, and in this group I’m including Facebook and Wattpad and blogging friends. Friends¬†know you best. So they both know the sort of person you’d meet up and have a lovely evening with, and the kind of person you are going to clash with BIGTIME, and end up having some kind of a showdown with.

I’m leaving this up to all of you. You can message me on Facebook or email to arrange the details with me, without once telling me who I’ll be meeting, or why you think it would make good blogging material. If you want to set me up with someone you think is quite nice, that’s fine. Or with a mega-nerd so it’s awkward, that’s fine too. With a massive fascist is also fine. I can promise no actual physical violence. You can even send me on a date with someone I know if you think it’d be funny or if the individual and I are overdue a catch-up.

I will then blog about each and every encounter, without ever mentioning names (unless the date wants me to) or too many identifying features. What I will promise is a good few anecdotes and disasters, and enough of an insight into the date and into me to make it genuinely good reading.

I can also promise that the date will not have a totally terrible time. Pain in the ass that I am, I can be relatively entertaining and nice when I want to be, and I will also promise to dress up nicely, depending on venue.

A Few Rules:

I’m not expecting any free dinners. Bills will be split equally. I’m big on that.

Dates will ideally be in Cambridge. If they are in London or other nearby places, I might have to suggest a slightly different split of the bill in order not to destitute myself following the train fare.

No actual psychopaths, please. I’d like to still be around to blog about it the next day. I may also live blog a few details at the time. Or live tweet or something.

There will be no bad behaviour on a first date, which means the blog will maintain its PG rating. Just so everyone is clear what a “date” means. I have standards, you know…

I am boringly heterosexual, so would ideally like dates with guys.

This all relies on the fabulous people I know getting involved, so please step in as soon as you like. I’m looking forward to getting these set up and to what disasters I can come up with.

Let the chaos commence…




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