Imperfect Single Parent | 26 Things Which are Not OK Even Now We’ve Voted for Brexit
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26 Things Which are Not OK Even Now We’ve Voted for Brexit

I’m pretty sure all of this will not apply to 99% of the people reading. And I’m sure that most of you are going to be in agreement.

But even if it’s for that 1%, or just to reaffirm what is and isn’t ok (since that seems to have become a little muddy of late) here is my list of what is not ok:


  1. Abusing people for their race on a bus because they asked you to stop swearing.

2. Throwing beer at someone after you abused them on a bus because they asked you to stop swearing.

3. Racist abuse. Full stop.

4. Any kind of racism of any sort whatsoever.

5. Feeling magically entitled to ownership of and rule over everyone in your country because of an accident of birth.

6. Posting hate mail through the letterboxes of people who come from other countries.

7. Telling anyone to “go home” unless, for example, they are drunk and you’re talking about their actual home nearby, and you’re doing it to help. You should still consider adding “please” or framing it as a suggestion, by the way. Because these are basic manners.

8. Any twitter post which smugly celebrates the fact that you were squeezed out in this country instead of another.

9. Any attempt of any kind to attack other people on social media, regardless of their ethnic background, their country of birth, their political or religious beliefs, their sexuality, their hair colour, their gender, or their choice of outfit. This is STILL NEVER GOING TO BE OK IN SPITE OF BREXIT.

10. Stealing. It’s still against the law. Even if you’re stealing from people you deem not to belong here.

11. Physical violence. Yup, still against the law.

12. Making everyone else who is British utterly ashamed that we have the same kind of passport.

13. Hate-fuelled untruths.

14. Hate-fuelled untruths printed on buses.

15. Hate-fuelled untruths spouted at the remaining EU member states (you know exactly who you are…).

16. The printing of hate-fuelled lies on the front page of Britain’s best-selling newspaper.

17. Sudden hypocritical denigration of the racism caused by the hate-fuelled lies printed on the front page of your paper over the preceding few days.

18. Any attempt to maintain that austerity and the NHS crisis is to do with an influx of predominantly young, working-age people from other countries instead of a financial problem (caused in the large part by the elite from our own country) compounded by a government determined to cut taxes whilst also cutting services (pretty few of them are immigrants, too).

19. The grouping of people into “immigrants” and “British” based on what they look like.

20. The grouping of people into “immigrants” and “British” based on what languages they speak

21. The grouping of people into “immigrants” and “British” full-stop.

22. This happening:

Screenshot 2016-06-29 13.18.48


23. And this:


24. A failure to have any decent human sympathy for people fleeing war and conflict.

25. A belief in your god-given right to decide who is in and who is out – except for your right to decide whether BRITAIN is in or out, which you’ve already exercised your right to.

26. Hiding behind vacuous statements about “decent people” being disadvantaged by any other group of people who have not personally attacked them in any way. Personally, I don’t think that “decent” covers anyone who wants to discriminate racially.

27. The spreading of any agenda which does not have, at its heart, tolerance and humanity.

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