“The Big Story” falls for prank about Iranian news agency thinking Onion article was true

CAMBRIDGE (GL) – A satirical article by Iranian news agency Fars in which it pretended to take an Onion article seriously appears to have been misunderstood.

The Big Story (AP) rushed a story to print declaring that Fars had quoted “as fact” the Onion’s satirical article about voters in the US preferring Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tho President Barack Obama in polls. But it turned out to all be a Fars agency wind-up for September 28th – an Iranian version of April 1st.

“We knew all along it was false,” editor Mahmed Avebeenmadeup laughed. “We’re not credulous fools, you patronising *ssholes. It just seemed a good fun article for our September 28th, and since nobody checks before sharing on we figured this wind-up would probably be right around the world by September 29th.”

A spokesman for the luckless Chicago-based online news reporter was not available for comment when we attempted to channel him via Ouija-board, but Onion editor Will Tracy is rumoured to have said he thought it “Pretty fricking funny” and hoped that more news agencies around the world would be laughing at their gullible US cousins.

Read the contentious article here: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/iranian-news-agency-picks-onion-article-fact

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