Imperfect Single Parent | What’s Currently Making my 7-Year-Old Lose It
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What’s Currently Making my 7-Year-Old Lose It

Massive strops and tearful meltdowns are a feature of parenting. And the kids have them sometimes, too.

I’ve previously posted about what made my nerdy boy have a meltdown aged 4 and aged 5. Some of those still stand.

But man, are the things he now kicks off about aged 7 are specific.


  1. His game won’t load on the PC.
  2. He turned the PC on to play, but it’s updating.
  3. The updating PC has been saying 33% FOREVER.
  4. It’s now at 92% but he only has fifteen minutes before school and it’s not going to be done in time for him to go into the fort and he really wanted to go into the fort.
  5. He wanted to go in that bathroom.
  6. It was the wrong kind of chocolate spread.
  7. I put too much butter under the chocolate spread.
  8. I didn’t put any butter under the chocolate spread.
  9. The bread vessel for his chocolate spread is crispy.
  10. His jumper is uncomfy round the neck.
  11. His seatbelt won’t go in.
  12. He forgot what game he wanted to play and accidentally played another one and used up all his time doing that.
  13. He doesn’t want any of the chocolates on that layer because all the nice ones have gone. (Yeah, ok, so I can sympathise with this one.)
  14. His trousers are sitting too high at the waist.
  15. His socks are too scratchy.
  16. I talked too loudly and it hurt his ears.
  17. It had a piece of pepper in it.
  18. He’s tired of having to get dressed every morning.
  19. He didn’t hear me say that thirty-five times, even though he responded.
  20. He was just saving the game…
  21. He wants my gloves because they’re bigger than his.
  22. He stood in a puddle and now his shoe is wet.
  23. He stood in a puddle again because he forgot that he didn’t like having wet shoes, and now his other shoe is wet as well.
  24. He’s boiling and he doesn’t want to wear his jumper.
  25. It’s actually too cold without a jumper now that he’s outside but he didn’t know that.
  26. His zip won’t do up.
  27. That wasn’t the button he clicked on.
  28. He didn’t MEAN to read 185 pages of his book instead of going to sleep, he just forgot to go to sleep.
  29. I said a pun before he had a chance to think of one.
  30. My pun was better than his one.
  31. I was laughing at him when something was uncomfortable and it’s not fair to laugh at him, even if he’s said something that was supposed to be funny.
  32. It’s taking ages to clear up all the lego.
  33. He dropped his biscuit.
  35. Yup, it’s definitely bedtime.
  • William Connolley
    Posted at 14:58h, 21 November Reply

    > It’s now at 92% but he only has fifteen minutes before school and it’s not going to be done in time for him to go into the fort and he really wanted to go into the fort.

    FWIW, we ended up with a strict “no computer games before school” policy; too much goes wrong otherwise.

    Posted at 20:28h, 27 June Reply

    Awesome list, made me laugh.
    I can’t let my kid watch any TV before school or the morning turns into even more of the tearful, shouting, angry, late dramafest it normally is.
    I haven’t actually let her get into what I call “video” games (because i’m old) yet, because…..I don’t have the parenting energy and it’s easier to just be overcontrolling 😳

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