Imperfect Single Parent | Flesh and Fabric – Poetry Collection
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Flesh and Fabric – Poetry Collection

I wanted to post up my Flesh and Fabric poetry collection, beginning with a few recent ones and moving backwards.

I can’t promise any consistency of subject matter beyond what-I-felt-like-writing, but that’s probably about par for the course…

  1. Scratches

There’s a tree

that overhangs my road.

It smells a little bit the way

you taste.


It’s a tricky,

hard-to-pin-down smell.

It reaches out to me

on the wind,

enticing, only to turn sour

as I draw close.


I want to bury my face in it –

I want to cut it down.

I could so easily

touch its glossy


and believe

that their vivid colour

will be enough.


I could happily burn it

and dance in its ashes.

Smear them on my face and


my hair.

Revel in the charred,

tangy reek

and carry an ash-scent version

of you

as I left.


But I’m afraid

of it never washing off.

That I will carry the traces

of you



There’s nothing left

except to walk

another way.

To drag myself

the longer,

darker way



Read on: 2. Silk




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