Imperfect Single Parent | Original Fiction
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Here are extracts of some of Gytha’s novels and stories.

The Fragile Tower – Book 1 of the no. 1 hit fantasy series for children 

One girl… one quest… and a love strong enough to cross worlds…

Grace Lane is a shy 15-year-old girl living in  New York state. She and her younger brother and sister visit a strange fair, despite their mother’s hatred of them. The following morning, Grace’s brother has vanished, and she finds out that everything she believed about her past is wrong. The revelation means she has to travel to a world where anything is possible, and that means learning how to use a power she never even knew she had.

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My Own Destructive Self – A literary novel

Aaron Daly is trapped in a life he detests in suburban Surrey. He hates the immorality of his job and what he will do to keep it, can’t seem to talk to his wife and is bringing up a son who is as delinquent and terrifying as he is brilliant. This is the story of how everything changed, from Aaron’s uniquely cynical and hilarious perspective.

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The Butterfly Catchers – A literary novel

Joel Tremethick arrived in Cambridge in 1925, a promising if naive scholarship student determined to become a successful solicitor. In his first week, he met Antigone Lands, the woman he was to fall in love with, and Robert Herwood, who became his inseparable friend. But the course of love is rarely simple, and it was Antigone and Robert who married. Seven years later, Joel stands accused of their murders and it is only Robert’s sister who believes in his innocence and tries to unravel what really happened that night.

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Flesh and Fabric – A collection of poetry on everything I happen to think about